Where to Buy

Thanks to all the great people we get to work with.  They really make the wine business a pleasure.  I can assure you that we don't work with assholes, so anyone on this list deserves both your patronage and a good conversation.  We'd rather you buy through them, so while you can get the wine direct from us, try to support local businesses buying from other local businesses if you can. Here are a few great ones which come to mind.  We'll keep expanding the list.


If you are buying wine from our site and having it shipped, keep in mind the Fed's highly regulate which states we can ship to. To make things even more interesting, the state laws are always changing  (hopefully for the better.) To get an idea of whether we can ship to your state, check out this link http://buyingguide.winemag.com/wine-shipping-laws/ .

When Dining