Introducing Two Mile

**The tasting room will be closed for the foreseeable future so we can all stay at home or go hiking in the woods and not only keep us and our families safe but untold strangers as well. If you live in the East Bay hit us up if you'd like discounted wine (6-bottles or more) delivered free to your door. Email Stay safe and vigilant.**
We make great wines. Really great wines. We don't spend our time writing manifestos, but we do believe that wine should be about what it is, and not what it isn't. And our wine is about solid, endearing, but not overly-extracted fruit; great structure, so you can drink them with food (yes, food!); just the right amount of oak (that is, not enough to get anywhere close to being in the way of the wine); and unique grapes and grape-growers who treat their land like it's your land (not in a bullshit, greenwashing kind of way, but people who actually grow naturally and biodynamically). 

That being said, what you like or don't like is up to you... not a book or an instructor or a reviewer, and we make what we like to drink. We drink quite a bit of it. One other thing about Two Mile is that we make it in Oakland. We believe that food should come from where you live, or nearby enough to easily visit on a weekday.  Not to say that you shouldn't get that rare bottle from France or Italy, but there are plenty of good super-local options no matter where you are, so even if you live in Fargo give the local guys a chance (we suggest you start here).
Come by and See Us

Our tasting room is located at 477 25th Street, just three doors down from where we make everything. Drop in for a glass, a tasting, or to pick up a bottle. We would love to see you. We're always open:

Thursdays, 5-9pm

Fridays, 5-9pm

Saturdays, 2-5pm