Private Events and Tasting Room

We are open every Thursday 5-9pm, Friday 5-9pm, and Saturday 2-5pm, First Friday 5-10pm, or whenever you ask. We typically stay open later if we are busy.  three different types of empanadas from Javi's Fine Foods and occasionally have live music. Have a glass with us, take a bottle home. Our selections include our wines, all of Oakland Spirits Co.'s spirits, and the wines of Tintype and Subject to Change, who share our production facility. 
Want to throw a great party for 30-100 or so of your friends, family, or coworkers? We've got a great space at our winery/distillery/cidery complex 3-doors down from the tasting room. Keep in mind, the event space is also an active winery, so we are mostly blacked out for events between mid-August and late-October (harvest/crush season). Email or click HERE for inquiries.

Generally we are around all the time so hit us up on Facebook if you want to drop by.

We open for events, groups, extra nice people, good music, or plain whimsy.

We do lots of events away from Two Mile.  Check here and subscribe to our Twitter feed.  Some of these events will blow your mind.

Frequently asked questions when visiting Two Mile's tasting room:

are you a winery?  


do you make the wine here? 




is this a tasting room? 


is it any good? 


can i have an icecube in mine? 


oh come on, where do you really make the wine? 


but don’t you need like... tractors and stuff? 


sure i can’t have that icecube’?